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During all the harvest seasons, Lc truffes is committed to a rigorous and permanent selection. For each variety there is a market opening (prefectural decree) in the different European producing countries (France, Italy, Spain) we respect these dates.
Our unceasing search for excellence leads us to have an expertise on all truffles.

In the purchase, on the various professional markets, a world known Richerenches, with collectors, through brokers, collaborators animated by the same values as well in France, Italy, Spain and also in Australia.

The truffles are bought in the ground and then washed.
They lose 10 to 15% of their weight. Once washed, they are meticulously sorted and canifed. From this sorting several categories are established: Entières Extra, Entières 1st choice pieces, peelings, breakings.
Rare are the batches where one finds only extras and 1st choice.
The truffles are also traceable.
They are shipped quickly after harvesting to ensure full quality. No truffle is stored from one week to the next.

I put this passion at the service of my customers to whom I want to bring the best of the truffle.

Christine Laroussi

A permanent and rigorous selection

A beautiful truffle has a pleasant aroma, a perfect maturity, firm, without being hard, soft or too dry.
An irregular truffle is no less excellent than a well rounded one, large truffles are no better than small ones.

Each year, each season, the beauty of these truffles that are in our hands is captured, they parade before your eyes.