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Truffles : a passion to share ... The authenticity

The Truffle, The Truffles

The world of LC Truffles
A daily work of art.

Founded in 2003, LC TRUFFES is the expertise and know-how of truffles in the service of gastronomy.
For two decades, Lc Truffes has built a solid national and international reputation with great chefs, craftsmen and industrialists in search of taste and authenticity.

A reference in the world of truffles, embodied by a passionate woman, Christine Laroussi, anchored in her values: the Requirement, the Rigor, the Transparency, the Ethics, the Quality of the service where each customer is unique.

Committed to a perpetual search for Excellence, Traceability and the Best of the Season (compensating for seasonal variations) to bring you the quintessence of each variety of truffles; LC TRUFFES surrounds itself with producers, brokers, partners covering a vast truffle territory (France, Italy, Spain, Australia) in which each selected region has its own terroir and its particularities in order to satisfy you in regularity.

LC TRUFFLES offers you a selection of the best fresh and preserved truffles:

Tuber Melanosporum Black Truffle of Perigord, Tuber Magnatum White Truffle of Alba, Tuber Uncinatum Truffle of Burgundy, Tuber Aestivum White Summer Truffle.

A permanent and rigorous selection
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White Alba Truffle
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The truffle

Our business

Fresh truffles of quality from the best truffle-growing areas in France or elsewhere, depending on the variety and seasonality. A regularity of the best of the moment in spite of very complicated seasons.

LC TRUFFES is a state of mind.
Sharing its know-how, a work of goldsmith every day.
A philosophy: an authenticity since its creation.

We offer it fresh, frozen and preserved according to the species, in order to meet all the expectations of our customers whether they are gastronomic tables, caterers, cheese makers, semi-industrialists, all looking for the best of it.

Nature is the guardian of many excellences and among these :
THE TRUFFLE, a pure product of the earth.
Each Truffle is UNIQUE, no two are alike.

The seasons of fresh truffles

that the truffles offer
LC TRUFFES has been committed since 2003 to a permanent and rigorous selection for all varieties of truffles. Ethics, passion, know-how, requirement are its key words.

No two seasons are alike...
Climate change or/and other parameters make our reference points change.

Will the quantities be present ? good or bad year ? What will be its quality? Will the weekly courses (Black Truffle and White Truffle of Alba) be in adequacy with the truffles of the moment?

So many questions before each season and during this one.
Will I have again in my hands this truffle which transcends me by its perfume, its subtle aromas, their difference, both true sanctuary of mystery, I speak indeed about the two most prestigious! 

Varieties of fresh truffles

that the truffles offer

Tuber Magnatum

Correspondence White Truffle of Alba or White Truffle of Piemont.

Tuber Melanosporum

known as Black Truffle, Black Truffle of Périgord or Truffle of Périgord.

Tuber Uncinatum

Burgundy Truffle , Autumn Truffle

Tuber Aestivum

White summer truffle , St John's day truffle , Summer truffle

A hypogeous mushroom with many facets

180 species of truffles are listed in the world. Not all of them are edible and those that are are not all interesting in terms of smell, taste and market value even though they are black or white.

Thus a white summer truffle or Burgundy truffle is not a black truffle and a bianchetto or terfes is not a white Alba truffle either.

In order to differentiate them, each one of them having its specificities and characteristics (peridium, gleba, taste, perfume...) they were given a scientific name Tuber (Latin name) followed by the name of the species as well as the usual name.

About ten truffles are marketed, not all of them are mentioned above, with a well-defined harvesting period: prefectoral decrees. It should be noted that the Italian Carabinieri, especially with regard to the Tuber Magnatum, are very strict about the period of cavage of this one, each region of Italy has an opening date, not respecting this one is to incur strong fines.

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