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Nous expédions à travers le monde
Truffes fraîches : Tuber melanosporum - Tuber magnatum
Tuber borchii - Tuber uncinatum - Tuber aestivum
1ère stérilisation Truffe noire d’hiver :
Extra – 1er choix – morceaux – pelures – brisures – jus - différents boitages
Truffe d’été : brossées - morceaux - jus
Truffes surgelées : Truffe Noire - Truffe d’été
Huiles aromatisées à la truffe - vinaigres balsamique agés



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Alba white truffle

tuber magnatum

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A very intense perfume, complicated : garlic, shallot to some people, fermented cheese (grana), an exquisite taste that tends to disappear with cooking.

Famous under the name of Alba White Truffle, also Acqualagna.

The production is essentially Italian, in Piemonte, Langhes area (Alba market), in Marches (Aqualagna), Umbria, Tuscany (San Miniato), Emilia Romagna, Abruzzi. We also may find it in Croatia.

Rounded form or very irregular, smooth peridium, yellow color small granule, its gleba is different from its symbiosis forest plant: witish then white-pink, pale yellow, from creamy color to ochre, sometimes spangled with reddish stains, depending on its guest tree, with many white and thin veins.


To be considered cultivated or wild truffles. An uneven truffle doesn’t mean it is a bad quality, on the contrary, its fragrance is sometimes much more intense. Some truffles can show a cut; this is for sure from a penknife (a very small cut is made on the truffle to check its sort and ripeness).

Harvesting period is from October till mid-January.

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