Depuis de nombreuses années de grandes tables
françaises, européennes, étrangères,
nous font confiance ; pourquoi pas vous ?

Passion, savoir-faire, professionnalisme, éthique
sont les maîtres mots de notre philosophie.


Nous expédions à travers le monde
Truffes fraîches : Tuber melanosporum - Tuber magnatum
Tuber borchii - Tuber uncinatum - Tuber aestivum
1ère stérilisation Truffe noire d’hiver :
Extra – 1er choix – morceaux – pelures – brisures – jus - différents boitages
Truffe d’été : brossées - morceaux - jus
Truffes surgelées : Truffe Noire - Truffe d’été
Huiles aromatisées à la truffe - vinaigres balsamique agés



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Ethics, High standards and Rigour are the key words behind LC Truffes' know-how.


Throughout every harvesting season, LC Truffes is committed to a continual and rigorous selection process. Each variety has its own market opening date set by the local authority in the various European countries which produce truffles (France, Italy and Spain) and we respect those dates.

Our constant quest for excellence means we have now gained expertise in all truffles. Purchasing at the various professional markets, the world-renowned Richerenches truffle market, from harvesters, via brokers, from partners fired by the same values in France as well as in Italy and Spain and also in Australia.

Truffles are bought in soil and are then washed, apart from the Magnatum.

They lose 10-15% of their weight. Once washed, they are carefully sorted and canifered. After sorting, they fall into one of several categories: Extra, First choice (Grade 1), Pieces (Grade1 or 2), Peelings and Brisures.

It is rare to find lots that only contain extra or first choice truffles!

Traceability of truffles too.

These are dispatched quickly after harvesting in order to maintain their quality. No truffle is kept from one week to the next.

A good truffle has a pleasant smell, is perfectly mature and is firm without being hard, soft or too dry.

An uneven truffle is no less excellent than a perfectly round truffle and large truffles are not necessarily better than small ones.

Every year and every season, the beauty of these truffles that pass through our hands is captured; these are paraded before your eyes.