Depuis de nombreuses années de grandes tables
françaises, européennes, étrangères,
nous font confiance ; pourquoi pas vous ?

Passion, savoir-faire, professionnalisme, éthique
sont les maîtres mots de notre philosophie.


Nous expédions à travers le monde
Truffes fraîches : Tuber melanosporum - Tuber magnatum
Tuber borchii - Tuber uncinatum - Tuber aestivum
1ère stérilisation Truffe noire d’hiver :
Extra – 1er choix – morceaux – pelures – brisures – jus - différents boitages
Truffe d’été : brossées - morceaux - jus
Truffes surgelées : Truffe Noire - Truffe d’été
Huiles aromatisées à la truffe - vinaigres balsamique agés



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Peeled truffle: A whole truffle of excellent quality, hand-peeled

Extra brushed truffle: A perfect, whole truffle of even shape and excellent quality.

First choice brushed truffle: A perfect, whole truffle, also of excellent quality, with an uneven shape.

Truffle pieces : Very good quality truffle. Here the truffle started whole but part of it has had to be trimmed because of damage caused by frost, or during the collecting or washing of the truffle.

Peelings: mixed truffle peelings (the skin of the truffles) and truffles sliced into little strips.

Brisures: Bits of truffles collected from brushing (washing) and from second choice truffles, chopped more finely than peelings.


A few words

Rabassier: A Provencal term for a man who hunts truffles

Caveur: Rabassier, harvester, cavatore, trifolao (in Italian)

Cavage: hunting for truffles

Caver:The action of looking for truffles and lifting them out of the ground

Broker: the person who buys the truffles from the harvester.

Piolet or cavadou (French) or vanghetta (Italian): a small truffle pick for lifting truffles from the ground.

Canifage: this is making a small incision or taking a thin slice from the body of a truffle with a penknife after a lengthy tactile examination in order to check the truffle's maturity, colour and marbled (veined) flesh. It is a way of checking the truffle's quality and species.