Depuis de nombreuses années de grandes tables
françaises, européennes, étrangères,
nous font confiance ; pourquoi pas vous ?

Passion, savoir-faire, professionnalisme, éthique
sont les maîtres mots de notre philosophie.


Nous expédions à travers le monde
Truffes fraîches : Tuber melanosporum - Tuber magnatum
Tuber borchii - Tuber uncinatum - Tuber aestivum
1ère stérilisation Truffe noire d’hiver :
Extra – 1er choix – morceaux – pelures – brisures – jus - différents boitages
Truffe d’été : brossées - morceaux - jus
Truffes surgelées : Truffe Noire - Truffe d’été
Huiles aromatisées à la truffe - vinaigres balsamique agés



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The truffle through history

A daughter of the soil since Antiquity, even in ancient times the truffles was greatly prized and considered a royal gift.

In the 5th century BC the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras praised Lesbos truffle as having beneficial and healthy properties. And Roman aristocracy could not resist the special scent given off by the Tuber Melanosporum, the Black Truffle and the Tuber Magnatum, the White Truffle, which were cooked deliciously by the illustrious gourmet, Marcus Gavius Apicius. According to Plutarch, this "child of the gods" mushroom was formed by the energy released by thunder and lightning.

In the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance and the tables of Henri II of France right through to the , Age of Enlightenment, the truffle was the object of a great deal of attention and, under the knife of many prestigious cooks who had become masters of culinary arts, the princess grew into a queen. We are committed to perpetuating the truffle's royal heritage, and to making it better recognised and appreciated for its properties, both well and little known.

There are a great number of species of truffle; around a dozen of them are marketed as not all of them have the same flavour values.

Only a few are of culinary interest.