Depuis de nombreuses années de grandes tables
françaises, européennes, étrangères,
nous font confiance ; pourquoi pas vous ?

Passion, savoir-faire, professionnalisme, éthique
sont les maîtres mots de notre philosophie.


Nous expédions à travers le monde
Truffes fraîches : Tuber melanosporum - Tuber magnatum
Tuber borchii - Tuber uncinatum - Tuber aestivum
1ère stérilisation Truffe noire d’hiver :
Extra – 1er choix – morceaux – pelures – brisures – jus - différents boitages
Truffe d’été : brossées - morceaux - jus
Truffes surgelées : Truffe Noire - Truffe d’été
Huiles aromatisées à la truffe - vinaigres balsamique agés



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LC TRUFFES is, first and foremost, the story of a woman who is passionate about Truffles.


My initiation began in the "heartland" of the Black Truffle - the Vaucluse and the Drôme Provençale - more than 20 years ago.


That initiation took place alongside a "caveur/rabassier" (a wild truffle collector), a man who loves nature and this black diamond. He introduced me to the subtleties of his work. Other teachers followed, each with their own knowledge and their own secrets.


At the same time I decided to cross the Alps and learn more in Italian regions or cavatore, to explore the Piedmont, Abruzzo and Tuscany and learn to work the mysterious Tuber Magnatum, which is often known as "the white truffle of Alba". Unlike "black truffles" which are almost all cultivated in plantations these days, the "white truffle" remains wild and secretive.


Bolstered by these apprenticeships and enriched by the people I met, in 2003 I founded LCTRUFFES to offer my skills and expertise to the world of Gastronomy. Since then I have constantly unearthed products of the highest quality for the most discerning palates.


I now work with several varieties of truffle, each with their own characteristics: Tuber Melanosporum, Tuber Magnatum, Tuber Uncinatum and Tuber Aestivum, coming from various horizons in France, Italy, Spain and Australia. All pass through my hands and all are painstakingly scrutinised, canifered and washed…


Thanks to these years of experience and constantly driven by the values of authenticity, high standards, rigour and quality of service, LC TRUFFES has built up a solid reputation, both on a national and international level, as much with *,** and *** restaurants as with industrial firms in search of taste and quality.


This passion grows day by day; no season is the same but questions over quantity, quality, trading prices and client expectations arise again and again. You have to constantly renew your search for excellence.


I put this passion to the service of my clients to whom I wish to offer the best of the truffle.

Craftswoman of authentic flavours
Christine Laroussi